The way to Recovery from Drug Addiction


A large percentage of people all over the world have taking drugs at least once. While many may do it just for fun and would never get addicted, there are some who might get a drug addiction without even realizing that they have become dependent on drugs. It all starts off with fun weekends with friends and smoking a joint once in a while. The problem begins when people start taking drugs during the week and feel the need to take drugs. This is when drug addiction has taken over and drug use turns into abuse.

While it is quite difficult to get over the drug addiction, it is not completely impossible. There are various rehabilitation programs that help people in overcoming their drug addiction, allowing them to go back to living their lives as normal people. The addict needs to undergo a long process at a drug addiction rehab in order to overcome the drug problem. The recovery process involves four key elements:

  1. Intake
  2. Detox
  3. Rehabilitation
  4. Ongoing Recovery



The process of determining which rehab center is a good fit in order to help in overcoming your drug addiction. The rehab center asks a number of questions which help in determining the type of program that would be suitable for you, and they would customize the programs based on the intensity of your drug addiction. Some centers even try to arrange finances for your drug addiction treatment if you can’t afford it. It is important to understand that treating drug addiction as early as possible is necessary. Treatment programs assess different levels of diseases that may have been caused due to the drug addiction. The person being treated must be committed to investing a lot of time to have an effective treatment. The treatment plans are revised by the drug addiction rehab in order to meet your requirements and the intensity of your addiction. It is also important to keep in mind that treatment options that are offered by drug addiction rehabs offer some sort of facilities for patients facing a relapse.

Rehab facilities offer inpatient as well as outpatient programs that might help in overcoming drug addiction. These programs are offered based on the different needs of individuals and the intensity of their drug addiction.


healthy eating and vegetarian diet concept - word detox with jui

Almost all types of drug addiction require a process of detoxification before the actual process of rehabilitation begins. The detox stage basically removes all traces of drugs that are left in the body of an individual. However, the type of detoxification of drug addiction and its intensity depends on various factors which include:

  • The type of drug addiction (the drug being used and its dosage)
  • The time period of the drug addiction
  • The metabolism and body composition of the individual

Detox is mostly supervised and that is why it is a safe process. However, there is no need for detox to be done at home because it may worsen the situation.

Once detox is done, there is a great chance that an individual may start experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. This is a sign that all the drugs remaining in the body have been removed and there is no more left in the body of the addict. Withdrawal symptoms vary based on the type of drug addiction.



As soon as the detoxification is complete, individuals are taken through to the process of drug addiction rehabilitation. This is where treatment begins and reasons for the drug addiction are unveiled, along with help and guidance on how the patient can move on with life without the usage of drugs on a regular basis.

Three types of therapy are conducted based on the need of the patient and the type of drug addiction.

  • Individual Therapy: to get over their drug addiction, patients themselves start to identify various issues as to why the addiction began in the first place and start focusing on other things that make them happy such as their hobbies and work. The one-on-one therapy helps in allowing patients to use their free time doing productive things rather than indulging in drug abuse and a plan is made to finally create a schedule and live a normal drug-free life.
  • Group Therapy: The drug addiction rehab offers group therapy where the patients are divided into separate groups so that they can interact with each other and help each other in getting over their problem. The patients feel that they are being understood by being in a group of people who are also facing the problem of drug addiction. It motivates them to recover from their drug addiction positively.
  • Family Therapy: There are many rehabilitation facilities that offer family therapy in an attempt to help patients in overcoming drug addiction. Family is the biggest source of strength and support for individuals and they can motivate patients to get over their drug addiction as soon as possible.




For many people, the recovery from drug addiction continues throughout their life. The path to recovery seems to be easy but it isn’t. Even after the rehabilitation is done, there are steps that need to be taken to ensure that there would be no relapse. Patients meet up with counselors to discuss their progress and there a number of follow up programs where the individuals need to show up once a week. A lot of individuals feel that they need post-rehab therapy to stay away from going back to drug addiction. These post-rehab facilities help individuals in living a sober life.



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