Substance abuse among teens and how to prevent it

substance abuse Aas Recovery Centre 1

Teenagers are mostly bound to get high from substance abuse which ranges from prescription drugs to alcohol. Some teens would lead a life of addiction, with heavy intake of drugs. They would ruin their life completely. Others might lead a short-lived life of substance abuse. Adults need to examine different factors that may be linked to substance abuse:

1. Peer Pressure
A large number of teens start using drugs to impress their friends and other peers. In social scenarios, it becomes difficult for teens to avoid substance abuse in order to avoid being stigmatized by people around them.

2. Genetics
The beginning of substance abuse for some teens might be related to specific genes that may be involved in making them try drugs for the first time. There may be some teens who have an addictive personality, and they may have the desire to use it again and again because of the pleasure derived from it. Parents need to discuss with their teens to avoid substance abuse just in case it is part of their genes.

3. Family
Family influence plays a major role in initial substance abuse for a teenager. There may be family members who reach out to substance abuse when they need to be relieved of pain or ailment. This can cause teenagers to do the same when they experience pain because they carry the values of their parents and family members.

4. Adventurous attitude
Teenagers around the world have a tendency to be adventurous and to take risks for the sake of excitement and thrill. Some teens begin substance abuse for fun but then continue usage even though they know of all the negative consequences.

5. Stress
Stress is one of the major reasons that leads to substance abuse. Some teens feel that the only answer to their pain, stress, and anxiety is substance intake. Child abuse or any other issue faced can create levels of stress that might trigger a teenager and lead him to substance abuse.

Substance Abuse Aas Recovery Centre

What are the signs of substance abuse?
Substance abuse may lead to various issues like anger problems, violence, missing out on schoolwork, legal problems, etc. It is also considered to be one of the major reasons that lead to death or serious injuries among teenagers.
It is important to find out the symptoms that mainly cause substance abuse.  Some of the symptoms may include:
•    Lack of interest in school, skipping classes.
•    New friends who are not actively involved in school activities or family
•    Constant red eyes or increased usage of eye drops.

Can teen substance use and abuse be prevented?
Parents, school officials, government agencies and other community leaders are always looking for new ways to prevent teenage substance abuse or to come up with ways to treat those teenagers who are addicted. A number of preventative measures are taken to reduce the influence of substance abuse and the excitement and thrill that is attached to it. In order to prevent substance abuse, these few steps can be taken by parents:
•    Keeping teens busy with activities such as sports and other school clubs so that they don’t get the chance to move towards substance abuse.
•    Knowing all about the friends of their children. Parents need to make sure that their teens don’t have friend who smoke or drink in order to protect them from substance abuse
•    Parents should talk to their children and make them aware of all the consequences of substance abuse


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